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And…Away We Go!

I currently work 3 jobs. Not because I need the money (and please know that I’m super grateful that I’m privileged in that way), but because I’m in the process of switching careers. I have my day job which takes up a full 40-50 hours per week, then I have my 2 online businesses, one of which is writing for online publications. Sometimes I’m up late (like tonight), working on one of my 2 online jobs. I love it.

The goal is to get to a point where I downsize to only those 2 jobs. I’ll be making way less money, but I’ll also have a career that allows for more freedom when I want or need it. And, as quarantine taught me, I want to work exclusively from home and not have to travel to visit customers and attend industry events. The biggest selling point, however, is to not have a boss to answer to.

The “hustle” is a game of life. It’s a game I’ve been playing my entire career. But I’m redefining it now, and this time, my way. I’m midlife and you’d be surprised to know that I’m restarting my hustle. I’ve invested 20+ years into my day job career. It was a good run. I accomplished everything I wanted to accomplish and rose to the top. I even went to weekend school and earned an MBA along the way. However, once you reach that apex, where do you go from there?

For me, the answer is another career. I want to climb other mountains and live the careers that I’ve always dreamed about. Therefore, I have to hustle from the bottom this time.

So, away we go! I’m finally devoting more time to online writing. In this past week I’ve submitted to be a contributing writer to 4 new publications at Medium and I’ve been accepted to 2 of them so far. I have a long way to go. I can’t wait!

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