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Online Businesses are Hard

The title says it all. I have multiple online businesses now and it’s becoming clear to me how saturated this world is. Without understanding SEO (search engine optimization) and the best ways for people to find you, you just get lost in a sea of everyone else like you. And there’s a lot of people here, especially due to the pandemic.

Writing is only one of my online businesses. How do people find someone who has nearly no following? How do you accumulate an audience who believes in you and wants to read what you write? It’s not as simple as “just write, then publish.” If you keep doing this, then you will make progress, I’m sure. But that first part when you’re first getting started is a killer. It’s true that you have to want it.

My other online business actually sells a physical product. It has its own challenges, but it’s a similar issue. How do you successfuly help customers find you? Having great customer service, creating meaningful relationships, and keeping your customers coming back is the easy part, it seems. But finding your customer audience, much like writing, is the key.

Right now I’m new to online businesses, so I’m not throwing in the towel. I’m also not talking myself out of this path. Just sharing my experiences to help others going through the same journey. This is going to be a long road.

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